Fly-tipping and litter

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste on streets, wasteland or green spaces. 

The council will remove fly-tipping from public land, where it is on privtate land, land owners are responsible for clearing.  

Report fly-tipping using the form below, we need to know:  

  • where the fly-tipping is
  • what has been dumped and how much there is
  • whether you saw it happening and details of the person or vehicle if you have them  

Report fly-tipping online

Anyone found fly-tipping could face a £50,000 fine and up to 12 months imprisonment. 

On conviction, the fine is unlimited in the Crown Court and the maximum term of imprisonment is five years.

Request street cleaning 

Protect yourself

Households have a legal responsibility to make sure any rubbish is disposed of correctly. 

If you have your rubbish removed and it ends up being fly-tipped, you could be held responsible and fined.

Remember …

  • Always ask to see a waste carrier’s certificate and do not use waste contractors who won’t show you an original certificate

  • Keep a record of the waste carrier’s details in case they fly-tip your waste and it is traced back to you

  • Businesses must always get a copy of a waste transfer note from the person who takes the waste away

TRA114130 15/1/2020