Online admissions quick guide

You may have to submit evidence to support your application for school admission, as detailed in the School admissions policy (pdf).

Once you have submitted your application you will need to submit any relevant evidence using a link on the confirmation page.

Each time you submit evidence you will receive a confirmation email which confirms submission of your evidence only, not your application.

A separate confirmation email will be sent once you have submitted your application, please email if you don't receive it.

Online application process 

  1. Register for an account if you have not used the service before, otherwise login with your email address and password
  2. If you need to add a child that you have not previously made an online application for, click on My Family and then Add Child
  3. Once a child is added, click on School Places to start the application process. Once on this screen you may be able to:
  • start a new application
  • view your submitted application
  • change your submitted application

4. Select the relevant school place option e.g. Admission to secondary school September 2017

5. Complete the following screens: 

  • additional child’s details
  • address details and whether you are a returning service family or crown servant
  • additional questions (providing other applicant details, etc..)

6. Confirm, search for, or enter your child’s current school - to see a list of all valid Newport schools select ‘Newport’ from the drop-down box and click ‘Search’ (not applicable for nursery applications)

7. Search for your school preference (select ‘Newport’ from the drop down list of ‘Schools located in’ then search, a list of schools will then come up) and enter your school preferences, answering the relevant preference reasons about each option and any other reasons that may support your application.

Ensure that you have selected all relevant preferences and that they are ranked in order of preference.

8. Upload any evidence that is required, such as child’s birth certificate.

9. Review and check your application before continuing.

10. Read and understand the terms and conditions under which your application is being made.

11. Submit your application.

12. Check receipt of your submission confirmation email, or contact if you do not receive it as this indicates that your application has not been submitted successfully.

If you choose to receive your decision by email you will also receive a paper copy by post with an acceptance slip.

Please make a note of your password to make the acceptance online.

If the paper slip is completed and not the online form then you will continue to receive email reminders to do this.