Empty homes

Empty properties 8 East Street

Newport needs more housing, if private homes are left empty there is more pressure for development on greenfield sites.

View our Empty Homes Strategy (pdf)

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Long-term empty homes can also cause problems for neighbours and the local community. 

  • Health hazards from empty properties 

If you are affected by pests, bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, overgrown gardens, defective boundary walls or fencing, defective drainage or penetrating damp arising from an empty property, contact Newport City Council and ask for the environmental health housing team. 

The environmental health housing team can also be contacted if a property appears to be open, e.g. open entrance doors, cracked or missing window panes on ground or accessible first floors of the empty property.

If you suspect criminal behaviour please contact Gwent Police.

  • Unsightly empty homes

Report an empty property that is unsightly and that you feel is having a negative impact on the surrounding area by contacting Newport City Council to ask for the planning enforcement team.  

  • Dangerous structures

Report any empty dwelling which you believe may be a risk to the public.

In the above cases the council has statutory powers to act if there is a genuine need to do so.

Normally the owner will be asked to remedy the problem first, unless it is an emergency.

If none of the above circumstances apply we may be able to contact the owner to offer advice or assistance to return their property to occupation.

Information for the owners of empty properties

Information for developers

For queries about the council’s Empty Homes Strategy (pdf) email emptyhomes.team@newport.gov.uk or contact Newport City Council and ask for the housing strategy and development team.