Covid- 19 Allotment Guidance (updated 25 March 2020)

Due to the recent COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, it is necessary to limit the number of people in any public space in order to adhere to social distancing rules.  Newport City Council takes all government advice seriously in this situation and encourages everyone to strictly follow the most recent advice of staying a minimum of 2 metres from anyone other than the people within your home.

All allotments are currently open and will remain so until we are advised otherwise.

Water has been switched off over the winter period and will not be going back on until the pandemic has passed.

Travel to and from the allotments is permitted if social distancing precautions are taken. Visiting the site counts as your daily exercise - as set out by the government.

Tenants should travel alone or only with other tenants who live in their household. No extended family members should travel together.

Any plot-holder who is either ill themselves or is self-isolating because a household member is ill should not be visiting the site and should not return to the site for recommended period. (currently 14 days minimum)

If there is a community meeting room or trading hut on the site this should be closed with immediate effect and should not be re-opened until this level of isolation has been lifted.

The sites that have toilets on site are also now off limits for use by anyone. Do not use them under any circumstances.

We ask that all tenants visiting the site also consider the following:

  • Please keep your distance from other tenants to help limit the spread of the virus. Follow current government guidelines about social distancing.
  • Do not share tools or any other equipment with another plot-holder.
  • Be careful after touching site gates, locks or other communal assets. Disinfect your hands after each use.
  • The use of the sites is for allotment tenants only.
  • Water will remain turned off but troughs may be full with rain water. These are not to be used.              
  • Please stay on your plot at all times and do not enter another plot under any circumstances.

All group plots and their members are unable to use the sites. This is to prevent allotment tenants who do not live together from coming into contact with each other.

Please note that tending to allotments is not considered essential. Therefore there will be no plot inspections by Newport City Council staff across our 22 sites until further notice and no warning or eviction letters for non-cultivation will be sent out to tenants until this outbreak has passed.

As a council we will also face restrictions over the coming weeks as to what we are capable of doing in terms of maintenance and repairs that might be needed. We will try and rectify these issues when we can, but it might be necessary in the mean time for allotment associations to come up with short term solutions themselves.

Please stay safe and stay well.

If you live in Newport you can apply for an allotment by contacting the site secretary to ask about availability. 

Apart from self-managed sites, Newport City Council deals with pricing, eligibility for discounts, billing, cancellation of tenancy and repairs.

Discounts may be offered to senior citizens and people with a disability badge.  

Download the Allotment Handbook (pdf)

Allotment contacts



Barrack Hill

NP20 5PJ

Guy Hall 07799 561219


NP20 7GA

(01633) 656656

Cae Perllan Road

NP20 4FF

Delwyn Brooks 07773 081161 

Capel Crescent

NP20 2EX

Paul Bates 07539 076092

Castle Mews

NP18 1BP

(01633) 656656


NP19 8BE

 (01633) 656656

Coed Melyn

NP20 3QR

 Jenny Mitchell (01633) 421546

or 07802 717156

Cold Bath Road, Caerleon

NP18 1NB

 Russel Bartram (01633) 423401

Coldra Road

NP20 4FF

 Bethan Maldive-Davies (01633) 215550

or 07799 228899

Coomassie Street

NP20 2JF

 Mike Young (01633) 665151 

or 07904 474522


NP10 8TG

 James Heley.

or 07500 901287

East Grove Road

 John Hill 07900 672310

Haldane Place

NP20 6NA

 (01633) 656656

Hawthorn Square

NP19 9AD

 Louise Buonaivto (01633) 279398


NP19 9QH

 Philip Humphreys 07434 159486

Maesglas Grove

NP20 3DN

 Brian Gapper (01633) 817232 or

 07926 890108

Market Gardens

East Grove Road

NP19 9DB


 John Hill 07900 672310

Portland Street

NP20 2DP

 Paul Bates 07539 076092

Pugsley Street

NP20 5JU

 Tony Cartwright (01633) 676906

or 07824 183629

Radnor Road

NP19 7SQ

 Susan Johnson (01633) 779059 or

07999 543938

St Julians (Glebelands)

NP19 7HJ

 Ann Spruce (01633) 842902

Vivian Road

NP19 0BE

 (01633) 656656


Contact Newport City Council and ask for allotments.

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